September 25, 2017

The ‘magic’ of bioslurry

The Tanzania Domestic Biogas Programme is promoting the use of bio-slurry to existing and new biogas users. The use of bio-slurry is a substantial additional benefit to many farmers, with remarkable increase in crop yields and the possibility to grow crops and vegetables without the use of pesticides. Please click on the link below to […]

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FAQ September 25, 2017


1. What is biogas? Biogas is combustible gas produced from anaerobic digestion of organic (crop, animal and human waste) in the absence of oxygen.  Ever seen bubbles rising from a swampy marshy area? Then that’s naturally produced methane gas. The gas is a mixture of 60% methane (CH 2) and 40% Carbon dioxide (CO2). 2. […]

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Benefits of biogas September 25, 2017

Benefits of biogas

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Kenya National Domestic Biogas Programme 2011 Annual Report September 25, 2017

Kenya National Domestic Biogas Programme 2011 Annual Report

Kenya, through the auspices of Kenya National Domestic Biogas Programme (a Programme Unit within KENFAP-Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers) has done exceptionally well among all the countries where Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP) is implementing its programmes. To date, it has constructed more than 5,200 biodigesters. Such a number has never been obtained (not […]

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ABPP 2011 Annual Report September 25, 2017

ABPP 2011 Annual Report

Although by the end of 2011, ABPP had managed to achieve only 14% (11, 187 biogas digesters) of its overall 5-year numerical target (70,500), the programme realized 129% growth compared to what was achieved in 2010. This helped in maintaining the growth trend: 2008: 96 2009: 183 2010: 3,311 2011: 7,597 Kenya still remained the […]

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2012 Dashboard Report September 25, 2017

2012 Dashboard Report

2012 was the turning point as far as large scale dissemination of biogas plants and consequent development of a market oriented biogas sector is concerned. The year saw the programme constructing 10,998 plants. This was nearly a half of 2009, 2010 and 2011 combined! Going by that trend it was clear that the programme had […]

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