The Biogas Powered Refrigerator!!

Farmer uses Biogas to power her fridge: Tanzania

Biogas technology has so many tremendous benefits as a source of clean energy. Heat produced from the digester can be used to power a special kind of refrigerator. Many fridges in remote areas with unreliable or no supply of electricity are fuelled by bottled gas or paraffin. Biogas-powered refrigerators could help to replace unsustainable fuel sources and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.


A farmer in Tanzania uses her digester to power her fridge which is a unique refrigeration solution. The farmer fully benefits from her biogas plant as she uses bio-slurry from the digester on her farm. Biogas technology offers simple and cost effective solutions to many. The cost of purchasing fuel e.g. kerosene is heavily cut, women and children in the African family setup also benefit because they do not have to go to fetch firewood. This saves the hard job which is time wasting and gives them time to do other chores and relax.

The fridge helps to preserve precious food items for the family. It requires low maintenance and is cost effective. The cost of paying for electricity which is either unstable or unavailable in a rural setup is quite high compared to running a biogas powered fridge. This is the way to go in providing solutions and generally improving lives of people in Africa.