coffee-beans September 25, 2017

Coffee Seedling Entrepreneur Maximizes Profits Using Bio-gas Technology in Uganda

COFFEE SEEDLING ENTREPRENEUR MAXIMIZES PROFITS USING BIO-GAS TECHNOLOGY: Best bio-slurry application practice-Uganda Domestic Bio-gas Programme  Coffee production activity in Uganda is a major income earner both at the national and household levels. Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), the Government Agency responsible for the coffee sector, estimates that about 500,000 households depend on coffee production. Despite […]

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Biogas plant construction September 25, 2017

The Joy of a biogas client from Soroti

Biogas technology has done miracles on Mr. Epau Cuthbert’s farm. Located in Odudui village in Soroti district in Uganda, Cuthbert got a biogas plant in 2011 with support from the Uganda Domestic Biogas Program through World Vision. He appreciates both UDBP and World Vision for their support and shares the benefits from his biogas plant. […]

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A girl in Nakuru Kenya cooking with biogas September 25, 2017

Gender Mainstreaming

This Gender Mainstreaming (GM) Guide has been developed by ENERGIA, the International network on Gender and Sustainable Energy, as preparation for the Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming in ABPP, which was held in Nairobi on 18-19th May, 2010.The draft was discussed at the workshop, and additional inputs incorporated in this final version. The Gender Mainstreaming Guide […]

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Biogas plant owner does away with Spectacles. September 25, 2017

Biogas plant owner does away with Spectacles.

Anne Wangoi is a Kenyan farmer in Nakuru County. Anne owns a biogas plant which has helped her to boost her farm production while contributing to improving food security and income both at her household and in the community. She has a biogas cooker in her kitchen which has changed her life. Previously she used […]

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The Biogas Powered Refrigerator!! September 25, 2017

The Biogas Powered Refrigerator!!

Farmer uses Biogas to power her fridge: Tanzania Biogas technology has so many tremendous benefits as a source of clean energy. Heat produced from the digester can be used to power a special kind of refrigerator. Many fridges in remote areas with unreliable or no supply of electricity are fuelled by bottled gas or paraffin. […]

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LUCRATIVE WINE AND PASSION FRUIT JUICE BUSINESS PROMOTED THROUGH USE OF BIOGAS: ILLUMINATING THE BIOGAS BUSINESS CASE  Biogas success story-Uganda Domestic Biogas Programme  BACKGROUND In Uganda, Biogas technology is currently regarded  as one of the popular renewable energies due to its multiple benefits which include provision of energy (gas) for cooking and lighting, protection of […]

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