Learning From the best

Learning From the best

Mr.  & Mrs. Isaya Mlelwa are a Tanzanian couple who hail from Lunyanywi village, Njombe district. They own well managed six cows and four calves. They also own a 13m3 Biogas Digester in their farm thanks to the ABPP initiative. The two are serious farmers who have used bio-slurry in their farming practices. They also own box gardens and about half acre flat land for vegetables.

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The box Gardens.

The entrepreneurial Family grows Varieties of green vegetables such as spinach, sukuma wiki, carrots, tomatoes, which generate Income of over Tsh 300, 000 (USD 185.87) annually.  They are involved in Bioslurry compost production, making 10-20 tonnes annually which is used for farming activity.

The Mlelwa’s plant Maize, with the use of bio-slurry a one acre farm produces 18-30bags of maize depending on the amount of rainfall distributions. Before they begun to use organic fertilizer, the same piece land produced about 4-9 bags of Maize.  They also grow Irish potatoes -one acre producing 80bags when organic fertilizer is applied while when chemical fertilizers used only 20bags were produced on the same farm land.

Mr. & Mrs. Mlelwa are also farmer trainers. Their homestead is a learning centre on various aspects of biogas and bioslurry usage. They promote Family farming by using organic fertilizer (composted bioslurry) and land management at the household level. The training centre generates income by charging the trainees who attend the training for over three to seven days at Tsh 25, 000 {USD 3097.89} per day. The learning/training centre generates over Tsh 5,000,000 (USD 3097.89) per year (Tsh 25,000/= {USD 3097.89} cover meals, soft drinks and tuition fees per day per person).

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Slurry grown crops