Kenya National Domestic Biogas Programme 2011 Annual Report

Kenya, through the auspices of Kenya National Domestic Biogas Programme (a Programme Unit within KENFAP-Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers) has done exceptionally well among all the countries where Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP) is implementing its programmes. To date, it has constructed more than 5,200 biodigesters. Such a number has never been obtained (not even getting closer) since the inception of biogas in Kenya. Based on the case studies conducted by Caroline Toroitich and Jechonia Kitala, before the intervention by KENDBIP, the market leader for domestic plants was estimated to install about 30 biodigesters a year while all the other players combined managed to install around 100 systems per year and commulative installation of 2000 plants by 2010 (Ref. Building the Base for a Commercially Viable Biogas Sector by Caroline Toroitich and Jechonia Kitala).

Kenya has also been a lead example as far as Private Sector Development (PSD) is concerned. All the players in the sector operate in a free market environment. According to the Country Programme Coordinator Mr. George Nyamu, such kind of environment has greatly contributed to the an exemplary performance. KENDBIP 2011 Annual Report gives a snapshot of the progress till the end of that year.