By Els Rijke

I have been working for some months for the Africa Biogas Partnership Programme now, and only recently I got the opportunity to see my first two biogas website digesters. The digesters, located in Mukono, close to Ugandan capital Kampala, just started to produce gas and the owners were very happy about it.
Biogas is quite an investment for rural people. The smallest digester costs around € 750. But with some subsidy (almost € 300) provided through the programme, it is expected that in the near future with the possibility to take a loan, digesters would be acquired by many families.

Farmers have a number of reasons to invest in biogas. For many families, the first motivation might be cost savings on wood and/or cialis kerosene. Cooking on gas is very easy and fast, smokeless, convenient and much healthier. On viagra online pharmacy the household level, biogas has several other advantages: reduction of workload (esp. when firewood is being collected) and increased time available for other productive purposes. Also, lightning from a gas lamp, improved agricultural production through the use of bio slurry, improved sanitation when toilets are attached are other accruing benefits. Not every family, and not everyone within each family, will experience these benefits in the same way.

The main beneficiaries of biogas are supposed to be the women, as they are traditionally the ones to be viagra online canada found in the kitchen, fetching water, etc. Besides making their lives easier, the programme also has opportunities to improve on rural women’s positions and their livelihoods. They will be actively involved as promoters of biogas and in other programme activities; may find jobs in the upcoming biogas business sector, and they can increase their income through biogas related enterprises.

It is my task within this programme to ensure that these socio-economic benefits, concerns and needs of women are taken into account in скачать драйвер для видеокарты all national programmes. Having worked previously with women’s rights organizations, I find it a challenge to combine a woman’s and human rights perspective with an economic approach to development.

The families I visited in Mukono have already started to experience benefits from their digesters. One family would spend approximately € 15 per month on firewood alone. With the digester, they could fulfill all their cooking needs without having to

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buy wood. Both families enjoyed cooking on gas; it took them much less time, it’s clean and easy to use. Interestingly, cooking becomes much more attractive to other members of the households, especially the men. So if I am lucky, in my next visit I may even be served a fresh lunch, prepared by the men of the family!