Good bye to Firewood and Chemical Fertilizer

Good bye to Firewood and Chemical Fertilizer

Mr. Samuel Kiwelu is a retired pastor residing at Mwika ward, Kondeni village in Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. In 2011, he had a 6m3 biogas digester installed at his farm. The digester has had a very positive effect on Mr. Kiwelu’s lifestyle and has saved him a few extra coins.  Since Mr Kiwelu began to fully utilize the biogas plant, he no longer uses firewood as fuel and has ceased using chemical fertilizer in his farm.


Piles of firewood Previously used                                          Black Composted Slurry.

Before the farmer began to use biogas energy, he was spending TShs. 70,000 (35 Euros) per month to purchase fire wood costing him TShs. 840,000 (420 Euros) per year.   For past two years and half, the family has enjoyed the clean and efficient biogas energy for cooking, baking and lighting. The money spent for buying wood is now used in other important family needs.
He is also a model farmer making bio-slurry composted manure in Kilimanjaro region. He produces over 60 tonnes of composted slurry manure annually contributing TShs. 6,000,000 (3,000 Euros) to the family income.

The manure has tripled the maize harvests on his farm; one acre now produces 30 bags (3000kgs). While using chemical fertilizers before, only 100-400kgs were produced per acre. Banana, fruits and vegetable growing has also been boosted around his homestead. Before the use of bioslurry, the retired Pastor was purchasing 6-10kgs of Urea for his maize farms costing him over 250,000 (125 Euros) per season. He no longer needs artificial fertilizer thus saving money for other family needs.