Biogas plant owner does away with Spectacles.

Anne Wangoi is a Kenyan farmer in Nakuru County. Anne owns a biogas plant which has helped her to boost her farm production while contributing to improving food security and income both at her household and in the community. She has a biogas cooker in her kitchen which has changed her life. Previously she used firewood for cooking and the smoke would affect her eyes. Since she installed the Biogas cooker she forgot about her eye problems and a smoke filled kitchen. Biogas has provided her with a cleaner and cheaper source of energy.

Anne Wangoi in her Kitchen equipped with a Biogas stove

The health status of women and children who use biogas stoves has tremendously improved; women & girls cook in smoke free environment which reduces the risk of contracting respiratory diseases like coughs and the children read books while at home under clean and bright light.

Anne uses bio-slurry in her farm and the results are quite impressive. She has a healthy crops and it is so evident that she is a happy person.  Once again the ABPP initiative saves the day.

Bio- slurry use
Bio- slurry use in her farm

Cow feed
Anne preparing to feed her cows