Biogas Giving Pensioners a Smooth Retirement

It’s at the end of the month in January when in Nakuru farmers are preparing land to start planting in March. This is the driest month so to speak and no farmer will dare have anything on the farm leave alone vegetables. Use of bio-slurry has been a double blessing to Mr. John Mbugua a retiree in Lanet Nakuru who constructed a biodigester two years ago.

His luck struck when KENDBIP in collaboration with seed savers organized training in his home where he learned that he could apply bio-slurry in the fish pond to boost the growth of algae and planktons that are naturally feeds for the fish. He has discovered that continuous application of bio-slurry to his farm has improved the soil water holding capacity so much that he is able to grow vegetables during the dry season. His neighbors have been flocking to his home to buy spinach, carrots and onions because their gardens will be bare until the start of the rain season.

With introduction of bio-slurry, he has been able to cut down the cost of feeding fish in the four fish ponds by halve. He was spending ksh 3700 (€37) to buy a 70kg of fish pellets but today he spends ksh 1850 (€18.5) per month saving the same amount each month.

He also planted a quarter acre of spinach in august last year targeting to sell them during the dry season when the prices are normally higher. Each week he pockets ksh 800 (€8) from the sale of spinach, he also pockets Ksh. 700 (€7) per week from sale of onions and save ksh 2800 (€28) each month for not buying lpg gas and Ksh. 900 (€9) for not buying charcoal. In his own words, biogas has been a blessing especially now when his physical energy is reducing with advancement in age.