Beyene, satisfied biogas user in Oromiya Region, Ethiopia

When biogas promoters met Beyene, 36, he didn’t show any hesitation to have a biogas plant for himself because for him the technology was not new. He had seen the technology long time ago at a farmer’s home. Before, the family used for cooking mainly eucalyptus trees, cow dung cakes and charcoal for wot (Ethiopian stew), coffee and tea preparation. After the biogas constructed Beyene family saved time for cooking and substituting the electric light during power interruption. Biogas makes his life enjoyable even at a time of odds when power is interrupted; the family saves time out of collecting fuelwood. And he saves 20 minutes of time every day for the collection of cow dung because the dung flows directly into the digester. Also he lives in a very clean environment. The slurry is used for composting and he produced a surplus of 1600 kg of barley per hectare against chemical fertilizer in one season. Now Beyene family is happy and he promotes biogas sometime in the promotional workshop.