Ambassador of biogas technology


Mr. Samuel Muiruri Tharau lives with his family of six in a two acre plot in Rukuma village, Lari Division in Kiambu County. Due to deforestation, there are no trees to provide firewood for cooking and the locals usually go to steal firewood from the forest which is approximately six Kilometres away. Mr Muiruri was not an exception as he and his wife would go to the forest very early in the morning only to return in the afternoon with two loads of firewood which would not even last them one week. This made them waste a lot of time which would otherwise be used to do other productive work.


Mr. Samuel using his biogas cooker                               Bio-slurry has improved his farm production

In 2010, bio gas technology was introduced to Rukuma village and a few farmers took up the idea. For Mr Muiruri this was a good idea but he could not afford to buy the materials required. He juggled with his mind and later decided to sell one of his dairy cows. With this he got enough money and in January 2011, he completed installing his bio gas plant.

This project completely changed his life. His family now lives like any other average family and he no longer goes to the forest to collect firewood. He now has more time to do other activities like farming. He was trained on bio slurry use and management which has increased his farm production. Nowadays he grows vegetables for his family and has surplus for sale. He has increased is farm income from Ksh. 2000 per month to Ksh. 7000.  His animals have also improved due to good fodder management especially Napier grass which he feeds with bio slurry.


Helping out another farmer to manage bio-slurry.

 Mr. Muiruri as a result has become an ambassador of bio gas technology and he goes to many villages sensitizing many farmers on the importance of embracing the technology. To date he has assisted approximately forty farmers from his village who are now proudly using bio gas and don’t have to steal firewood from the forest.