Africa Biogas & Clean Cooking Conference

Conference highlights Africa’s green revolution through modern clean energy

The Africa Biogas Partnership Programme will hold the ‘Africa Biogas and Clean Cooking Conference’ from 5 to 7 April, 2016 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The conference seeks to bring together thought leaders, policy makers, businesses, experts and academia from the energy sector to discuss challenges and opportunities in Africa’s biogas and clean cooking sector and to explore solutions.

The convention will also provide a platform to showcase some of the existing experiences of the thriving household biogas sector in Asian and Latin American countries which can be expanded and adapted in Africa. In addition, different avenues of financing and reducing cost of access to clean cooking through cook stoves will be explored.

Strategic focus will be on the intersection between creation of a viable market-based biogas sector and access to sustainable energy by huge populations in the rural areas. This is expected to drive Africa’s efforts towards reducing the global greenhouse emissions using sustainable carbon-reduction mechanisms such as ‘use of biogas’.

The conference will also include a one day field visit to biodigester households, construction companies, bioslurry application sites, improved cook stoves producers and appliance producers.

The conference will feature the following keynote speakers:

Mr. Motuma Mekasa, Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity;
Mr. Atef Marzouk, Acting Head of Energy Division, the African Union;
Mr. Wondimu Tekle, State Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity.


DATE: 5 to 7 April, 2016

VENUE: Elilly International Hotel, Addis Ababa


The Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP) is a partnership between the Dutch government, Hivos and SNV in support of national biogas programmes in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Burkina Faso. This partnership is geared towards constructing 100,000 biogas plants that will enable half a million people to access a sustainable source of energy by 2018.

The overall objective of the ABPP is to work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by developing a commercially viable, market-oriented biogas sector that will support the use of domestic biogas plants as a local, sustainable energy source.

Already 60,000 biogas plants have been constructed in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Burkina Faso, providing 350,000 people with access to a sustainable source of energy.